Reporting an Error Message

How do I report an error message?

If you experience an issue with SigmaXL that results in an error message, please report it to the SigmaXL Support Team so that it can be resolved promptly.

You can also use the Submit Support Ticket option, part of the SigmaXL Help drop down.

This will open your web browser to the SigmaXL Help Desk.

Clicking the image below will also allow you to submit a support ticket:

When reporting an error message please include:

1. The complete error message, preferably as a screenshot. (An Example can be seen below.)

2. The SigmaXL tool you were using.

An example of how to find a tool's name can be found below:

3. The version of SigmaXL being used.

Please Note: The version of SigmaXL can be found in About SigmaXL, located in the SigmaXL Help menu.

An image of the About SigmaXL window is below:

4. The version of Excel, and Service Packs being used.

The image below is an example of the "About Microsoft Excel" window, for Excel 2007.

Both the version of Excel, and the Service Pack can be found in the "About Microsoft Excel" window.

We appreciate the time you take to report any error messages that occur while using SigmaXL.