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Retrieving a SigmaXL Serial Number

on January 01, 2012

How do I find my SigmaXL serial number?


SigmaXL serial numbers are only provided after purchasing the product.

If you are interested in obtaining a SigmaXL license, contact the SigmaXL Sales Team.  After your purchase, you will receive an email from SigmaXL that will contain your SigmaXL Serial Number and detailed instructions on how to proceed with Activation.

If you have already purchased, and activated, a SigmaXL license, follow these steps to find your Serial Number.

1. Go to the SigmaXL Help drop down menu, located in your SigmaXL ribbon.

2. Select "About SigmaXL"

The image below is an example showing the SigmaXL Serial Number currently active on the machine.

If you are not able to access SigmaXL on your system to retrieve your serial number:

If your serial number was issued directly from SigmaXL, contact the SigmaXL Support Team.

If you did not receive your serial number directly from SigmaXL, contact your IT Department or the Institution that issued the serial number to you.


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