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Recommended Data Format for SigmaXL

on January 01, 2012

What data format is recommended when using SigmaXL?

The preferred data format for use with SigmaXL is the "Stacked Column" format.

An example of this format is given in the file Customer Data.xls.

This file is located in C:\Programs\SigmaXL\V6\SampleData\Customer Data.xls

You can also access this file by clicking Start > Programs > SigmaXL > V6 > Sample Data > Customer Data.
Please ensure that the Customer Data sheet is selected.

Note that only one row is used for column headings and there are no blank rows or columns.

Column headings must be unique.

Also note that all pertinent information is provided in each record (row).  Each column must have a consistent format of numeric, text, or date.

This is the data format often used by major Statistical software packages.

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