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Creating a Boxplot in SigmaXL

on January 01, 2012

How do I make a Boxplot with SigmaXL?


Boxplots display single charts which show several important statistical points in selected data, such as the Mean, Median, 25th Percentile, 75th Percentile, potential outliers and extreme outliers.

To create a Boxplot using sample data included with SigmaXL, follow the steps below:

1. Open Customer Data.xls (included with SigmaXL.)

2. Select the Sheet1 tab.

3. Click SigmaXL > Graphical Tools > Boxplots from the SigmaXL menu.

4. Select Overall Satisfaction, click Numeric Data Variable (Y) >>

5. Select Customer Type, click Group Category (X1) >>

6. Check Show Mean:

To delete selected items, highlight the item and click Remove, or select the item and double click.

Clicking the Add Title box allows the user to enter a title for all the tables generated.

Tip: If you hover your mouse cursor in the middle of any of the Boxplot lines, as shown below, a help balloon will appear indicating what the line is and its numeric Y value.

One or multiple Data Variables (Y) can be chosen resulting in a separate graph for each selection. One or two Group Category (X)s can also be chosen.

When selections are finalized, click OK to create graphs.

Press Cancel to unload the Boxplots form and end the current operation.

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