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Service Pack Requirements for DiscoverSim

on June 06, 2016

Please read the information in the article below to ensure that DiscoverSim's Service Pack requirements for Excel are met.

Microsoft issues service packs to distribute updates to correct issues with system reliability, program compatibility, security, and more.  Any service packs issued by Microsoft for your version of Office and Windows must be installed before contacting SigmaXL support.

Current Microsoft Excel Service Packs:

Excel 2007 - Service Pack 3 (Shown as SP3)
Excel 2010 - Service Pack 1 (Shown as SP2)
Excel 2013 - Service Pack 1 (Shown as version 15.0.4569.1506 or newer)
Excel 2016 - Currently no Service Pack available.

Checking and Updating your Service Pack:

Excel 2007
The current service pack is SP3.

1. Click the Office button in Excel, located at the top left:


2. Click Excel Options:


3. Click on Resources. Your current service pack will appear just below about Microsoft Office Excel 2007 as SP followed by your currently installed service pack number.  In the below screenshot, Service pack 3 is installed and is confirmed by SP3 being displayed.


4. If your copy of Excel 2007 shows anything other than SP3 then you will need to download Service Pack 3 by clicking on the following link:


Excel 2010
The current service pack is SP2.

1. Click the File button


2. Select Help and click Additional Version and Copyright Information.


3. Look for SP2 MSO beside the listed version information


4. If you do not see SP2 MSO then you will need to download Excel 2010 SP2 which can be done from the link below:


Excel 2013
The current service pack is SP1 (Shown as version 15.0.4569.1506 or newer).

1. Click the File button


2. Select Account


3. Select About Excel


If you have version 15.0.4569.1506 or older, Excel 2013 SP1 can be downloaded from the link below


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