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Optimization: Input Control

on December 23, 2015


1. The Input Control, unlike an input distribution, has no statistical variation. Think of this as the temperature control knob of a thermostat. This is also known as a “Decision Variable.”

2. An Input Control can be referenced by an input distribution parameter, constraint and/or an output function.

3. It is possible to have a model that consists solely of controls with no input distributions. (In this case, the optimization is deterministic, so the number of optimization replications should be set to the minimum of 3 to save computation time.)

4. Input Control Number is provided for reference purposes only.

5. Input Control Name is the cell address by default. Enter a name to describe the input control or click the cell reference cell_reference2.jpg and specify the cell containing the input control name. Note that DiscoverSim copy/paste uses relative addressing.

6. Input Control cell color can be modified by clicking on Cell Address (default colors can be changed in Help > DiscoverSim Options)

7.. Specify the Start Value, Minimum and Maximum boundaries for the Input Control. You can also click the cell reference cell_reference.jpgand specify a cell containing the start, min or max value. After specifying a cell reference, the drop-down symbol changes from cell_reference.jpg to cell_reference2.jpg.

8. An input control can be Continuous or Discrete with Step (default =1, i.e. integer increment). 

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