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DiscoverSim Academic Discount

on September 01, 2012

Is there a DiscoverSim scholastic or academic discount for students and teachers?

DiscoverSim Academic Discount

Yes, there is special pricing for DiscoverSim users that are students or faculty at educational institutions.

To qualify for the Academic Discount, students must be currently enrolled in courses, and faculty must be in good standing with their institutions. A copy of a transcript, student ID or enrollment letter is required as proof of status for students. For faculty members, an email from an academic domain (eg; .edu) is sufficient proof of status.

The Academic Discount reduces the cost to only $160.00 per DiscoverSim license. Only 1 license per student/faculty member can be purchased taking advantage of the Academic Discount.

Please contact information@SigmaXL.com for more details.

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