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Knowledge Base » SigmaXL for Mac - Download and Installation

Tips for New Mac Users

on September 26, 2015

Finding SigmaXL in Microsoft Excel 2011 for Mac OS X

The SigmaXL menu can be found next to the "Window" menu in Excel 2011.


Creating a SigmaXL Desktop Shortcut

1. Go to Finder > Applications > SigmaXL.

2. Right click on SigmaXL.xlam.  If you do not have a right mouse button then press Control+Left Click on SigmaXL.xlam.

3. Select “Make Alias”.

4. Drag the newly created file to your desktop.

Taking a Screenshot in Mac OS X

1. Press Command+Shift+4.


2. You will be presented with a cross-hair which you can then click+drag to select the area you want a screenshot of.

3. When you release the mouse button your screenshot will be saved to your desktop.

Please note that you can also press Command+Shift+3 to capture a screenshot of your whole screen.

Viewing the Help File

Macs, by default, do not come pre-loaded with software to view CHM files.  In order to view SigmaXL's Help file, a CHM viewer must be downloaded.  A popular viewer is the freeCHM View.  When you have finished installing a CHM Viewer, please follow the steps below to open SigmaXL's Help file, and set your CHM viewer as the default application.

1.) Go to Finder -> SigmaXL, and RMB click on the SigmaXL.chm file.  Select "Open With", and click "Other..."


2.) Navigate to the location of your CHM Viewer, and select it. Be sure to select "Always Open With..." to set the CHM Viewer as the default application.  Click Open.


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