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Changing Cell Colors in DiscoverSim

on December 23, 2015

How do I change the cell colors in DiscoverSim?

When creating an Input Distribution, Input Control, Output Response or Constraint, you are able to change the color of the created cell by clicking on the Cell Address button.


This will open a color palette window that allows you to choose a color.


After you choose a color and click Save, the background of the Cell Address icon will change to the color you chose, confirming the color change:


You can also check and/or change all four default cell colors by going to: Help > DiscoverSim Options


Clicking on DiscoverSim Options will open the DiscoverSim Default Options window.  From here you are able to change the default colors for Input Distributions, Input Controls, Output Responses and Constraints.  At this point you are also able to turn off the input/output comments by unchecking the Comments box.


Clicking any of the four functions brings up a color palette window, enabling you to choose a new color.


After choosing a color and clicking Save, you are taken back to the DiscoverSim Default Options window, which confirms the color you have chosen.

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How do I restore the default colors?

To restore DiscoverSim's default colors go to: Help > Clear Saved Defaults


Clicking on Clear Saved Defaults will display the following warning message:


Click Yes to reset DiscoverSim's color settings back to the initial defaults.  Please note that this also resets the input/output comments option to its default, which is to display comments. 

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