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Automatically Loading SigmaXL for Mac with Microsoft Excel

on November 13, 2012

Can I set SigmaXL for Mac to automatically load with Excel?

Launching SigmaXL with Microsoft Excel

It is possible to set SigmaXL for Mac to load automatically every time you start Excel

1. Click Tools then Add-Ins...

2. A list of available Add-Ins is displayed.  If Sigmaxl.Xlam is available then click the check box next to it to confirm you want SigmaXL to launch whenever you launch Excel.  If SigmaXL is not listed at all, then skip to step 4.

3. Once SigmaXL.Xlam is selected, press OK.  SigmaXL will now launch every time you start Excel.

4. If SigmaXL is not listed as an available Add-In then you will need to add it to the list manually.  Click Select...

5. Your finder will open, allowing you to navigate to SigmaXL (by default SigmaXL is located at Applications>SigmaXL>SigmaXL.Xlam).  Select SigmaXL.Xlam and click Open.

6. This will add SigmaXL to the list of available Add-Ins:

7. Select SigmaXL.Xlam and click OK.  SigmaXL will now launch whenever you launch Excel.

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