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Knowledge Base » SigmaXL for Windows - Product Activation and Registration

Sharing SigmaXL with Others

on January 01, 2012

Can I share SigmaXL with other people?


If you would like to share SigmaXL with someone, forward them details on how to get their own Free 30 Day Trial.

SigmaXL licenses CANNOT be shared.

SigmaXL users can activate 2 systems, to be used by the same user, per license.

When users have activated 2 systems, only 1 system may be in use at any given time.

Violation of the End User License Agreement may result in a Software Audit and/or the deactivation of the SigmaXL license(s).

Do Not Share your Serial Number.

Users will be held responsible for any breaches of the EULA.

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