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Once a version is no longer supported, would I still be able to activate it if I were to move it to a new computer?

on January 01, 2012


All versions of SigmaXL are provided guaranteed, complimentary support for one year.

If the version is no longer supported, and you have not made a backup of your installation file, you may not be able to install the version you purchased. However, if you contact us with your serial number at support@sigmaxl.com, we will be able to provide you with a version you will be able to use. This will be the closest available version to the one you purchased. The version may be slightly older or slightly newer depending on the versions currently supported.

If your version is supported and you need to install SigmaXL ona new computer:

If one of your computers is replaced and you have already installed SigmaXL on two computers, you must uninstall SigmaXL from one of your existing systems, while connected to the internet, prior to installing it on your new system.

Please note that we do not distribute the install files for versions of SigmaXL older than one year.

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