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Possible Activation Errors for SigmaXL

The key is not valid.

The error above is produced when an invalid serial number is entered. Common causes of this error can be entering a serial number incompatible with the software version, or typos resulting from entering your serial number manually. Whenever possible, SigmaXL recommends all users copy (ctrl-c) and paste (ctrl-v) their serial numbers from their sales email directly into the activation window.

The serial number has been activated on the maximum number of computers.

By default, SigmaXL licenses can be used to activate the software on one computer.  However, if you require SigmaXL on a second system, please contact us and we will add an additional activation to your license. If a license has already been used to activate SigmaXL on two computers, and activation is attempted on a third, the above error will result. In order to install SigmaXL on a third computer, it will first need to be deactivated from one of the two existing computers. If you have formatted your system, experienced a hard drive crash, or uninstalled SigmaXL without first deactivating, please contact

Connection to the server failed.

The above error occurs when SigmaXL cannot connect to the activation service. This error is usually due to lack of an internet connection. As the error suggests, please call us toll free at 1-888-744-6295.

Run Time Error '53'. File Not Found: TurboActivate.dll

The above error usually occurs when trying to launch the 64-bit version of SigmaXL within a 32-bit version of Microsoft Office. This issue can be fixed by installing the appropriate version of SigmaXL.  Please see our Help Desk article explaining how to determine the version of SigmaXL you should be using.

If this error continues after installing the correct version of SigmaXL, the issue can be resolved by adding SigmaXL to Excel's list of add-ins. This will cause SigmaXL to launch automatically with Excel.

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