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Three Case Studies Using DiscoverSim

Presenter: John Noguera, Co-Founder and CTO of SigmaXL

The Web Demo will cover the following three case studies.

1. Retail Profit Simulation:

This is an example of Monte Carlo simulation to determine probability of daily profit using a basic profit model for a small retail business. We will apply distribution fitting to historical data and specify input correlations to define the model in a way that closely matches our real world business. Sensitivity analysis will be performed to determine the key input factors affecting profit.

2. Magazine Production Optimization:

This is an example of simulation and optimization to determine optimal magazine production quantity for newsstand distribution to maximize net profit. A custom discrete distribution will be used to model customer demand.

3. Six Sigma DMAIC Project Portfolio Selection:

This is an example of discrete optimization used to select projects that maximize expected cost savings and minimize variability subject to a constraint of total resources.

Demonstration: 50 minutes

Q&A: 10 minutes

Watch the video below!

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